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Groupe : Mercyless
Titre : Coloured Funeral (Remaster 2017)
Label : Xenokorp
Format : Album
Pays : France
Style : Death Metal
Sortie : 24 Octobre 2017
Tracklist :

CD1 & vinyl [“Coloured Funeral” remastered]

1.Spiral of Flowers
2.Mirrors of Melancholy
3.Travel Through a Strange Emotion
4.Forgotten Fragments
7.Serenades… (into your limbs)
8.Naked Forms
9.Beyond God

CD2 [“Live in Memory of Agrazabeth” remastered]

1.Without Christ (live)
2.Contemplations (live)
3.Serenades… (into your limbs) (live)
4.Naked Forms (live)
5.Abject Offerings (live)
6.Mirrors of Melancholy (live)
7.Selected Resurrection (live)
8.Travel Through a Strange Emotion (live)
9.Without Christ (live)
10.Contemplations (live)
Naked Forms (live)
11.Abject Offerings (live)
12.A Message for All Those Who Died (live)
13.Substance of Purity (live)
Tracks 1-7 recorded live at La Poudrière, Rochefort, France, 1994
Tracks 8-14 recorded live at L’Usine, Reims, France, 1994

CD3 [“Spiral of Flowers 2017” Mailorder Collector Edition exclusive]

1.Spiral of Flowers [30th anniversary re-recording]
2.Spiral of Flowers [live]
Track 2 recorded live at Le Vox, Toulon, France, 2014

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