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DESTRUCTION : Nouvel album "Born To Perish" en Aout

Écrit par Antephil le .

Les Allemands de Destruction viennent d'annoncer la sortie de leur nouvel album "Born To Perish" pour le 9 Aout prochain via Nuclear Blast.

Ce 17eme disque sera le premier sous forme de quatuor avec l'ajout du guitariste Damir Esckic et du batteur Randy Black et a été enregistré avec V.O Pulver (Burning Witches, Nervosa).

Le commentaire de Randy Black :

"I've recorded quite a few thrash records over the years but never have I laid down drum tracks this intense, brutal and dynamic. It will be a nice challenge indeed to play those new songs live! I am very happy I could also contribute to the songwriting of the record, as Mike and Schmier were really open for ideas!"

"This album is packed with amazing songs, rippin' riffs, blistering vocals and great lead solos shared by Mike and Damir."

"To be honest, at first I was not thrilled about adding another guitar player 'cause I loved the trio, but Damir has been such a great addition, both as a player and as a person — he really is a perfect fit for DESTRUCTION!"

Et du bassiste chanteur Schmier :

 "This is indeed a very important album for us. There is a certain positive strength in the new lineup and it feels really great. Whoever has seen us live lately maybe will understand what I mean and for sure that has an important influence on this record."

"'Born To Perish' is more in your face; it is fast and furious, has more crazy guitars and a has a very groovy and punchy backbone with Mr. Randy Black! But for sure it features some of the best raging DESTRUCTION songs we've written in quite a while. I gotta quote what some die-hard fans lately printed on a shirt: 'DESTRUCTION 2019 — stronger than ever!' Nothing to add — fuck yeah!"

Un teaser a également été dévoilé :  

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