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THRON : Nouvel album "Dust" en Mars !

Écrit par Antephil le .

Les Allemands de Thron sortirons leur nouvel album de death/black le 31 Mars, aura pour titre "Dust" et paraitra chez Listenable Records.
Le commentaire du groupe : "Everything is crumbling to dust someday. Everything that ever lived, but also the symbols of our civilizations will dissolve into infinity, no matter how much power one had or how weak and small he was. Which makes mankind very small and insignificant in the face of the big picture of the universe. Just a mote of dust in the infinity of space and time.
With 'Dust’, we incorporate new elements in their sound by going back to their very roots which lie in the early 80s when bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Mercyful Fate ruled the field, and at the same time taking inspiration from the 90s when bands like Tiamat, Edge of Sanity or Sentenced expanded their horizon. This combined with serious dedication to the glorious Progressive Rock dinosaurs of the 70s and the love for the dark extreme muscial arts with blasting fury and agressive vocals, and you get...Dust! . Everything is turning to dust someday…“.
Le teaser ci-dessous et toutes les infos sur l'album ici

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